Friday, April 3, 2009

Second Quarter 2009 Reading Challenge

Well, I read 23 books for the APOOO First Quarter Reading Challenge that ended March 31. Out of those 23, 11 books were challenge books. Now, what defines a challenge book? It depends on each individual reader. It can be your regular reading list of books you plan to read. It can be a number of books you are trying to get off of your to-be-read pile, that some of us are shamed to admit how many books we have in our possession. QQ. Or challenge books can be books that are truly a challenge. It could be that book that you have picked up and read five pages and put down at least ten times. You know the one, that Toni Morrison book, or that book that while it gives good historical or sociological information , reads too much like a college text book with graph, states and pages of bibliography. Can we just say it is kind of intimidating?

I am going to take the easy route and list my books for the month of April with a few books that have been lag over for several months. You know, the books you never get to and never seem to make a carryover. Also, the book that I have put off for several reasons, too thick (BABs), too academic, slow moving. Let’s just say they are all challenge books. So here we go.

April Reading List

Tall, Dark, Westmoreland- Brenda Jackson
The Help – Kathryn Stockett (Vine review) (APOOO buddy read)
Rampart Street- David Fulmer
The Other Side of Paradise (Vine review)
Mixed Blood (Vine review)
Make You Mine- Nobia Bryant (AdC review)
Up at the College- Michelle Bowen (APOOO review)
Black on the Block- Mary Patillo (Marcus BOM)
Murder, Mayhem, and a Fine Man- Claudia Birney- (WOW BOM)
The Women- Hilton Als
The Ties that Bind- Bertice Berry
God Only Knows- Xavier Knight
Flannery: Life of Flannery O’Connor
Dying for Revenge- EDJ
Schae’s Story- Angelia Menchan

So, that is 15 books right there.

Now for the continuous lag/carryovers

Dare- Abriola Adams
Dreaming in Cuban- Cristina Garcia
The Ladies Detective Agency- Alexander McCall
Outside Child- Alice Friedman Up
All Aunt Hagar’s Children
Cion- Zake Mda
Wicked Ways- Donna Hill
Ugly Ways- Tina McElroy Ansa
Taking After Mudear- Tina McElroy Ansa
Brass Blue Ankles
Lady Sings the Cruels- Eric Pete
Just To Good to Be True- E. Lynn Harris
Dying for Revenge- EDJ

True Challenge Books (I want to read but I dread getting into because they might be slow, BAB, or academic-like)

Hemingses of Monticello- Anne Gordon-Reed (this is a must read- a National Book Award winner
Like a Mighty Stream- Patrik Henry Bass- (Black History Read that go carried over)
The Island of Eternal Love- Diana Chiavano
Miracle at St. Anna- James McBride – have had this for six years
Strangers in the Village- Farrah Griffin
All Aunt Hagar’s Children – Edward P. Jones
The Audacity of Hope- Barack Obama- I really do want to read about my President
Palace Council- Stephen L. Carter
On the Laps of God- Robert Whitaker - This is about the Elaine Riot in 1919 that happened in Phillips County, Arkansas, my father's hometown.

And then there is my big pile of to-be-read; much too numerous to even count, let alone mention the titles. Let’s see how many I get through by June 30.

See what others are reading the Second Quarter 2009 African American Reading Challenge.

Happy Reading!


Yasmin said...

Flannery: Life of Flannery O’Connor

Hey Dera it will be interesting to see what books you get through...and Flannery...I believe is also a review book.
Island of Eternal Love isn't an ominus as I thought it would be I actually read it in a day...hmmm and you listed it if you remove one of the titles you'll decrease your list by

Dera Williams said...

Oh, thanks. LOL. Yes, Flannery is a review book so that is definite.

'Cilla said...

Hey Dera....I have found a little bit of my list on both of your list. :-) I'll have to keep up with you and maybe buddy for a discussion or two.

Dera Williams said...

We can buddy anytime Cilla.

Beverly said...

Wonderful books are your list!
Some I have read and others are one of my TBR books.

I liked how you organized your lists. I need to get much better at keeping lists and then reading the books from my list.

But I have such a "wandering eye" when it comes to the next book I will read - just about anything can divert me from my intended book.

So the books that I listed for my
2nd QTR Challenge are black romance books that I have been meaning to read. I did this because I really want to say that I completed by listed books of 13 - and I know I can do this with romance books even if I have to read all 13 the last couple of days of the challenge :)

Hopefully this will help keep me on the path of reading books that I have listed.

Phyllis said...

I love the breakdown Dera! Based on your definition of "challenge" - it's truly a challenge to read/digest 13 of those types of books within a 3 month period. YGG! Just keep giving us a heads up via the APOOO posts or your blog and I may be able to buddy-up with you on several in your list.

Carleen Brice said...

Wow! Just wow. I'm sure I didn't read 1/2 the books you did!

Dera Williams said...

Beverly, I thought I better organize so I can pick and choose accordingly. You are going to overdose on romance. LOL. Enjoy.

Phyllis- I needed to distinguish regular reads from "challenge" books; there is a difference. Will keep you posted.

Carleen- These are INTENDED reads. LOL

Niambi Brown Davis said...

I have only just begun (lol), but out of your April list Rampart Street is one I plan to read, along with the Hemings of Monticello, especially after seeing a History channel program on the sex lives of the presidents.

Ladysilver said...

I am going to have to check out that Nobia Bryant book. I would love to see how you enjoy Dying for Revenge. I need to get to Just too Good to be True.

Some of your True Challenge books have caught my eye. Great way to divide the list

JC Martin said...

Dera, you list is a real list. I thought I had a list but I'm tired from reading your list alone.

No rush on The Help, read a little at a time. I do find that I get lost in the pages and don't want to put it down, but I'm taking my time.