Monday, July 13, 2009

Memory Monday- Blackberry Memories

The other evening I had blackberry cobbler and it reminded me of all the blackberries I picked and ate as a child growing up on 24th Avenue. The blackberries were plentiful, juicy and delicious.

Blackberries have significance for me. It was a blackberry summer that a neighborhood kid was killed when he rode his scooter into traffic and was hit by a bus. Tyrone had ridden his boxcar scooter along that fateful path, the same path as the blackberries in the fields and backyards of the houses he rode past, down East 23rd Street into the path of the bus on 23rd Avenue. I wrote of this memorable event; the piece was called “Blackberry Summer” and it was published by the Peralta Press journal in 2004.

I also wrote a poem called Blackberry Winter. It was the year my father died in 1990. I went to Little Rock to see him when he was dying of cancer and it was an icy spring day, the kind they call Blackberry winter. The way it was explained to me is that time at the end of winter and beginning spring, the seasons are fighting for control, and there is an icy, crisp air. That scene was evident in Little Rock as we rode to the hospital to see my father for the last time.

Blackberries, juicy, sweet, stains on my little sister’s shirt
Blackberries, juicy on a winter/spring day, bittersweet



Angelia... said...

oh my God Dera,
you took me back, my aunt elouise made this thing called blackberry was cooked blackberries with sweet dumplings, oh lord it was good...nowadays I purchase my blackberries at publix and eat them for the antioxidants but every now and then I make blackberry bread pudding with croissants, real cream, butter, egg yolks, brown sugar and vanilla..and two pints of blackberries...sublime...


Dera Williams said...

Mmmmm, blackbery doobie, I have never heard that term but I have heaard of blackberry dumplings. Oh my, and blackberry bread pudding sounds devine.