Monday, August 10, 2009

Memory Monday- Uncle Jerry

Memory Monday- Uncle Jerry

You all know I went to Arkansas last month. In going through some photo albums of my aunt’s, there was a picture of my mother’s oldest brother, Jerry. He was one of the four children grandfather Samuel Rowland had before he married my mother’s mother, Otelia Gilliam. The last time I saw him was in 2005 when we went to El Dorado, the county seat of Union County, to visit him in a convalescent home. He was suffering from several ailments, among them dementia. He didn’t really know us, my mother, sister and Aunt Bera Faye but there may have been a recognition or two.

My memories of Uncle Jerry were of him visiting us in Oakland when I was younger and visiting him in Chicago, where he went in the 1940s and made his home. When he came to Oakland we would meet him at the train station. That was back in the day before Amtrak when everyone rode the Southern Pacific. In Chicago, he was the consummate host in a home that was quite appointed. He enjoined entertaining and the night life of Chicago. In the picture here, he is shown with three unknown women, evidently at some night club or social event.

Jerry Rowland died in 2006. He left to mourn his longtime partner and several siblings.


♫Hershey's Kiss♫ said...

There's nothing like fond memories of family. Precious memories. How they linger.

Rosa J said...

Arn't memories great. That is why I scrapbook. To preserve the memories I have, the memories my Mom and Dad had, plus the ones I get from the generation above me.

Yasmin said...

May Uncle Jerry continue to RIP.

Angelia... said...

So nice, what a legacy of memory


Dera Williams said...

Thanks for the support all of you.