Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cuban Concert Redux

Cuba is never far from my mind. The trip last spring remains still a life affirming, life altering adventure after almost a year. And the music is always in my head; I find myself humming a Latin tune and doing the salsa around the house. Attending a rooftop concert at Pablo Mene'ndez’ house in Havana was one of the highlights of the trip. Born in Oakland, Mene'ndez went to Cuba with his mother, blues and jazz singer, Barbara Dane, and never came back. The concert on the rooftop of his home at twilight was amazing. Cuban jazz and blues beats, we just couldn’t get enough.

Earlier this week, one of my Cuban trip colleagues sent an email saying that Mene'ndez would be at Yoshi’s, a popular supper club in Downtown Oakland. Wednesday night was free and the ticket price was right. It was on and poppin’ and Mene'ndez and the members of Mezcla did not disappoint. They put on a show peppered with Mene'ndez’ stories of his love for Cuba (pronounced koo-ba) and the contrast of that country with the Bay Area. How the mixture of races in Cuba is the same here; the rich diversity and love for art and music. Evidently, Mene'ndez has quite a following in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area as the place was packed. It was standing room only (we had good seats) but nobody was complaining; just jammin’.

He was joined by Barbara Dane, his mother, who, as an activist in the 60s, sang folk and freedom songs at rallies and sit-ins. Mama still has it in her 80s, scatting and harmonizing with the best of them. It was a great night. It wasn’t a rooftop in Cuba but it was the next best thing. Pass the mojitos.


JC Martin said...

Dera, you be jammin'. Sounds like you had a great time in both places.

Angelia... said...

Great Post,
Cuba Love is something we both have in common...I love it!


Beverly said...

Nice blog!

I still have not visited Cuba but it is on my list, so I console myself by listening to Cuban music and reading books about Cuba.

Yasmin said...

Hey Dera and thanks for allowing me to live vicariously via you.

Linda Chavis said... making me wanna get on a bus and make that 3 day we can hang OUT LOL

Phyllis said...

Wow - no doubt that this event trigger some wonderful memories. I hope to visit Cuba one day -- then we can compare notes and reminisce together!

Dera Williams said...

JC, yeah I be jammin' all the time. LOL

Angelia, you are down there in Florida next to it. Have you been or have any plans to?

Beverly,the Cubans are sooo into their music. You can see the joy in their faces.

Yasmin, it is definitely a place to see.

Linda, you ought to come on to Cali.

You would love it.