Sunday, January 25, 2009

He's the President-- Get Over It

He’s the President, Get Over It

We have a new President and the whole world knows it. Folks from all over the world are singing his praises from school children to the elderly. The world has been waiting for this moment almost as long as we have, since Barack Obama came into the national arena in 2004. Yes, we have a new President and whether you like or not, he is here to stay. Matter of fact, if you don’t like it, I don’t want hear about it. He's the President--get over it.

A friend of mine sent me an email of this woman’s column, a black woman at that. This person went on to say that the world is rejoicing but she is not and cannot be happy for Barack Obama. My friend asked me what I knew about this person and what could I found out other than she is a Republican. (See my earlier column- Black Republicans- Who Needs Them? I was at first curious, but the more I read, the more ridiculous she sounded. This woman has all the credentials Condoleezza Rice has; masters and PhD degrees and some of the most elite colleges in the nation, a lecturer and professor at universities, but she sounded stupid. I stopped reading and shot off an email to my friend that: 1) the nation, make that, the entire world was elated for President Barack Obama’s inauguration, that; 2) I was not going to let some azz hole dampen my elation and enthusiasm, and furthermore 3) I was deleting the email and erasing the person’s name form my memory; I could care less what nonsense she was spewing and wasn’t nobody studyin’ her anyway. Get over it, lady. Barack Obama is the President.

As a matter of fact; now that I am on the subject, for all you haters out there, don’t say anything to me negative about, not only Obama, but Michelle, his kids or anybody in his family. I was talking to a co-worker Thursday, who told me she had to walk away from another black woman who criticized Michelle’s Inaugural outfit and her ball gown. She couldn’t just say, she didn’t like it; it wasn’t her taste but that quote” her dress was ugly and she doesn’t dress her girls right.” My friend told me, “That is what is wrong with our people. We always have to be negative about each other. That woman is so beautiful; she stands tall and proud with grace and anything she puts on is beautiful; I just had to walk away.” That is exactly how I felt. I had had someone tell me something similar over the phone from another campus that same day. I just had to shake my head. I am sick of negative people. Always moaning and complaining; some of them, poor things, are so negative about life in general, they cannot rejoice in victory for tearing down and dissecting every move our First Family makes. Get over yourself. It is not about you. Geesh! As my grandmother used to say, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing. Get over it!


Yasmin said...

“That is what is wrong with our people. We always have to be negative about each other. "

Dera I share your sentiments and would like to add it's not just colored folks...but it's people in general. Unfortunately, we're going to hear more negative comments about Obama than probably about any other President. Or maybe it will just seem like it because we're more sensitive and folks will make comments based on race, hips, skin color, hair texture...much of it will come to race. But, Obama knew what he was stepping into...and stepped into it anyway. And, I helped put him into that. Now, I just have to turn a deft ear to the naysayers and as he does his job skillfully, I can debate folks on his record (rather than their personal opinions). For those you don't like him, they need to keep it moving, because they will not get a disagreement or debate out of me. I ain't sweating the small stuff with nobody...even folks who take the kids to task...I have to just walk away from them because sometimes folks know not what they're talking about (I can't believe folks over at the Huffington Report...dayum shame).

Dera Williams said...

Yeah, I started reading something last week at the Huffington report and I had to let it go. You are right, I will not debate folks or get my blood pressure up. Let them have it, but they need to keep out of my face.

Beverly said...

I agree with your grandmother. And at times we need to say back to people if you think you could do it better please go ahead and do it.

I am so proud that President Obama is our first African American President.

But he got elected because he exhibited the skills this country needs right now.

We are at a place in our history when we need to re-examine how need to move forward.

Linda Chavis said...

I agree with the comments. Your dead on right !

MilesPerHour said...

I agree Dera, let's enjoy the moment. We all have alot of work ahead of us including our President so let's celebrate and then get down to it!

Dera Williams said...

Beverly, it's about how we can roll up our sleeves and help him.

Thanks Linda.

Miles, yes it is time to do the tough work.