Thursday, February 12, 2009

Black History Month… But I’d Rather We Got Casinos

Black History Month… But I’d Rather We Got Casinos

February is getting away from me but I could not let it go by without mentioning Black History Month. I am not being cavalier but I don't get really excited about February as being the month we celebrate being black. Oh sure, it’s nice to view the different PBS program offerings and other television specials. Last weekend, TNT introduced “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story” about the magnificent neurosurgeon which I thoroughly enjoyed. But the truth of the matter is I live, breath, practice Black History all the time. You see I love my people, I love black folk. I love our history, culture, our ways, well… most of them; how we do, well… most of the time. LOL

I regularly attend black cultural events, all year round. I attend programs and events at the African American Museums in both Oakland and San Francisco as well as book events at black-owned Marcus Book Store, supporting our writers and purchasing their books. I am a board member and active in the African American Genealogical Society of Northern California whose mission is to research and promote black genealogy, history, and culture. I can go on but I think you get the picture. I looove me some Black!

Last Sunday morning I was listening to Brian Copeland’s talk show on KGO Radio while getting ready for church. His guest was Larry Wilmore, an actor/comedian/producer and writer. He is currently on the satire news show, “The Daily Show.” He has written for The Bernie Mac Show, In Living Color, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, among other shows. Wilmore was also the co-creator of the PJs with Eddie Murphy.

Wilmore has just released a book, I'd Rather We Got Casinos: And Other Black Thoughts. I was immediately intrigued by the title and listened as he waxed philosophically about the irony of Black History Month. Comic and satirist that he is, I got where he was coming from. Black folks get the short shrift by getting the shortest month of the year but what happened to our forty acres and a mule? The Native Americans got their reparations to an extent with land and casinos. Wilmore’s book is a commentary on race relations, the aftermath of slavery, and how we should all just get along. I just might pick it up.

I appreciate the Black History profiles that one of my colleagues from one of our sister colleges has been sending out via our email system. I have especially been enjoying one of my APOOO sister’s blog as a great source of Black History profiles. Up and coming writer and blogger, J.C. Martin, is showcasing her stuff on a daily basis over at Words Mosaic
Go to the lower left to Featured Category #1. There you will find out about black folks, some you know, and some you don’t.

Power to the People!


Yasmin said...

I heard that...we live, breathe and be black 365, 24/7...I love me some black also and ain't nothing like the love, power and strength of strong black folks!

'Cilla said...

Thanks Dera for another great blog... I guess graduating from celebrating Black History from 1 week to 1 month was supposed to a difference.. Heck, McD's celebrates Black History 365 days along with Tom Joyner LOL..

Phyllis said...

Well said Dera! I too read, participate, and encourage black all the time...and just this morning I was looking over my Feb reading list and beating myself up for not having read as many AA history books this month in tribute to the month. Then I stepped back and thought -- heck, I do it all the time, so I shouldn't (and now don't) feel obligated to do "more" in February.

I love satire -- thanks for featuring the book - I'm adding it to my reading list.

Niambi Brown Davis said...

I guess that's going to be our phrase because I also "I love me some black." All day, every day on each of those 365 days.

Beverly said...

Dera -

Great blog.

Wonderful phrase "I love me some black"!

I saw the book in the store the other day but did not have time to pick it up, but will be going back for it.

JC Martin said...

I live and breathe Black History everyday of my life. I can't turn it off or wash it off.

Thanks for the shout out. I am doing the blog daily blogs because I feel as if we were ripped off. And as I search daily for someone new I realize many more than those written about in the history books made a difference. This is my way of doing my part.

Angelia... said...

I live Black, love Black, support Black...all da time...wonderful blog...


Dera Williams said...

Yasmin, we are a mighty people.

Cilla, it is important to have this month, lest we forget.

Phyllis, for those of us who are into our culture it is an every month thing.

Niambi, that phrase is pretty cool, uhn?

Beverly, Phyllis has already downloaded it and read most of it, I think.

Jennifer, since I am enjoying the blogs, I wanted to share it with others.

We have to continue to support each other.

♫Hershey's Kiss♫ said...

I agree. We should live black 365 24/7 Black History Is World History!

Dera Williams said...

Hershey Kiss, Right On! Love your blog. Left a comment.

Uranie said...

Great Blog Dera. I might check out this book. Love me some black also..

Dera Williams said...

Uranie, thanks for stopping by.