Wednesday, February 25, 2009


What is it about free that perks up our ears, makes us smile and think we have gotten over on something or somebody? Well, it doesn’t cost anything and you get something, hopefully something you want and can use. It feels good to get something absolutely free, no strings attached, nothing expected. I’m not talking about like at the grocery store when you purchase an item and get another one like it for free, a 2 for 1. I mean that’s cool; you feel like you are getting more for your money but there is still that initial output.

Yesterday, I received an email to print out a coupon from Jack in the Box to get two free tacos (normally 2 for a $1.00). They did this a few months ago and I guess it warranted a redo. I figured if I was in the neighborhood, why not? Of course, I know what their angle is; it is to get you in there to spend money on other items. About a month ago, Denny’s Restaurant announced they were giving away a Grand Slam breakfast which included pancakes, eggs and bacon or sausage, normally about a $5.00 value.

Why are these places giving away free food? Well, my theory is these places are losing business and this is a way to get back in the public’ radar. I mean, you have so many choices, so many alternatives. So, they put these freebies out as if they are sensitive to the economic crisis and they are good guys, so they are giving us a break. Now that is a good thing. Now, the Jack in the Box things seemed to be pretty tame, there didn’t to seem to be any long lines or stampedes. But my daughter and niece went to Denny’s and let’s just say, there is really a recession going on. The offer ran from 8:00 am – 2:00pm on a Tuesday, I believe. They got there about 10:00am and the line was wrapped around the corner. They were told by those waiting, it would be at least two hour wait!!! They said forget it; it ain’t that serious and went to another restaurant and paid for a breakfast. LOL
Rebecca, my daughter, said what was amazing to her was that this was a weekday and the people that were willing to stand in line for a free breakfast was mind-boggling. She said, don’t these folks have a job to go to? That brought home just how many people are out of work and how much that free food meant to them?

Now, I really got excited about a real “free” deal. My ever resourceful daughter signed us up for a cosmetic class-action suit. Christian Dior, Estee Lauder, Chanel, among other cosmetics companies were dispensing $175 million worth of free cosmetics to consumers due to some price confusion. And it turns out that even those who weren’t involved in the suit were eligible after our Channel 7 consumer reporter blabbed it on the news. But then what woman has not spent money at a department store cosmetics or fragrance counter. Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, Bloomingdales, Nieman Marcus, and some other mostly high-end stores were distributing the cosmetics on January 20. Now why did that date sound familiar?

I was unsure of this, especially since it was broadcast and EVERYONE could get it; they even had some men’s products. So, it is Inaugural morning and we are sitting around eating grits, eggs, biscuits and bacon and drinking mimosas watching the swearing-in when Rebecca suggested that we had some time between the swearing in and the parade and lets go to Stoneridge Mall and see what was up with the free cosmetics. My sister, Flo, Jennifer, Cynthia,, her daughter, Tiffany, Rebecca and I headed out and what greeted us was this long line in Nordstrom’s; we could see it when we hit the shoe department. Oh my. I said loudly, “Why aren’t people at work or home watching the Inauguration?” LOL. So, what could we but get in line. But they were prepared for this and it was very orderly, quick; about 10 minutes, and organized. The cosmetics included perfume, body lotion, body wash, Lancôme mascara (I was told by one young woman, it was the good stuff), face and skin cream. You marked down what you wanted. No exchanges, no changing your mind. I chose the Boucheron perfume. We then headed over to Macy’s and I got the Givenchy perfume. On the way home, I stopped by the Macy’s near my house; another long line, again orderly. I got Vera Wang body wash. These were some great products. I heard that some women were going all over the county to all the stores that were involved and even got back in the same line two or three times. Wow. I was happy with my free stuff and have been enjoying the items.

They say the best things in life are free. I don’t know about that. A friend of my daughter who is always looking for a bargain told us about Slick Deals.
There are all kinds of great bargains and free stuff!



Beverly said...

Dera -
Yes, the word FREE will usually stop me to at least pay attention and she what it is.
I too have noticed my of the "free" food offers going on but have not tried any of them out.
And wow - you got some nice cosmetics.


JC Martin said...

Free is my new favorite word. With the economy all jacked up, I look for free every where.

Yasmin said...

I know FREE works...and it works very well. Just did a promo at work for FREE Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and even before the promo started we were getting calls off the hook!

Dera Williams said...

Free will perk up most people's ears.

JC, if you search hard enough therer are all kinds of free stuff, especially services for kids.

Yas, yes free works.

mj said...

On behalf of Jack in the Box restaurants, we wanted to give you early notification that Jack in the Box will be giving away 2 FREE TACOS all day on Tuesday, August 4, 2009, at participating locations. Just go to:, print the coupon, and bring it to any Jack in the Box restaurant for your 2 FREE TACOS!

This is just Jack's way of bringing joy, and tacos, to all his loyal fans.