Monday, November 9, 2009

Memory Monday- Remembering Savannah

Town square in Savannah

The smell of magnolia permeating the air in the square of downtown Savannah

Jazz musicians warming up their instruments, the lazy drawl of the saxophone

The seduction of the trombone, deep, unhurried, .

The piano rumbling a series of notes that eventually became a tune,

distinguishable to a Duke Ellington tune.

Sweet syrupy honey intermingled with scent of fresh baked bread

causing stomachs to rumble.

Sizzling platters of Lady’s and Son’s fried chicken

wafting up to our noses,

the finest in Savannah cooking.

The Spanish moss sprouting wildly

Colorful books on display

A Confederate flag in the window

My look of horror and disbelief

Reminding me of where I am