Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Things That Work My Nerves

I had one of those days and a lot of things irritated me. This is my list of things that irk me. This is by no means complete but all I can think of right now.

Rude people:

The ones who do not yield at a four-way stop sign. You know the ones who take off behind the car in front of them without regard to if it is their turn.

People who chew and pop gum in public. You can do that all you want in your house or in private. Doing it in public is just tacky and crass.

People who stand so close to you in line at the store, the bank, even at the pharmacy. Back up off me! I don’t know you like that. And there are too many damn germs going around. You ever hear of swine flu?

People who reach across you, step in front of you, stand in front of you and don’t excuse themselves. Total disrespect and hella rude.


Phyllis said...

Hello Dera:

I feel you on all these points and have another one: those in the service industry who after looking at your card feel "familiar" enough to use your first name, for example, a wait staff member saying "Thanks, Phyllis," or when I take my mother to a doctor's appt, they'll address her by her first name, even though she's old enough to be their mother, irks me to no end!! Whatever happened to Miss, Ms., Mrs., ma'am, or madam? Don't use my first name if we are in a service/patron setting unless I ask you to do so!

Dera Williams said...

Phyllis, I totally agree. I have the same pet peeve about names. Invariably they are going to mispronounce my first name anyway but it is just rude to be presumptious. Especially with our elderly parents who grew up in the south and need that respect.